See Aloe Blacc for FREE in the Foundation Room!

Aloe Blacc will perform a 4-song acoustic set at 2:30 PM this Wednesday (7/2). Then you can hang in the Foundation Room and take a photo with him! CLICK HERE to enter the contest!

About Aloe Blacc: The first-generation American offspring of Panamanian parents, Aloe has become what writer and activist Amiri Baraka (nee Leroi Jones) once said of John Coltrane. He is a singular “scope of feeling…a more fixed traveler” who has found cohesion in art and life. The path from his 2006 debut, the multi-genre Shine Through, to Good Things is akin to the maturation of Marvin Gaye between That’s the Way Love Is and the What’s Going On masterwork that followed.

Doors at 2 PM
More details about the venue HERE!

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