Jake Bugg in the Foundation Room at the House of Blues

Jake Bugg 760x270 Performance Description: Date: September 18, 2013 Jake Bugg performed before 50 lucky River listeners on Wednesday afternoon September 18th, 2013 in the Foundation Room before his sold out House of Blues show later that evening.

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Danielle Frederick
Think of Pauly Bleeker and James Blunt mixed into one being and you have Jake Bugg.

Bugg stands by his mike, guitar in hand with a very relaxed or slightly nervous look. It is difficult to differentiate. He wears simple monotone outfits consisting of gray oxfords and dark jeans. Appearing slightly awkward but at peace with this trait, I think of the awkward of much loved Pauly Bleeker.

But then he gets a chance to make music.

He is a secret weapon quietly jumping at the chance to be unleashed. Don’t mistake his simplicity of dress as I first did. This guy knows what he is doing. He knows he is talented and has something to offer but he will be humble about it and not abuse his gift.

When it is his turn to perform, he is going to take make the most of his time. Each strum of his guitar is executed with determination and his voice tumbles out in a unique twang. Between his playing and singing, Jake Bugg wants to be heard and is taking the initiative to make that happen.

Looking at the thin, young guy he looks completely unassuming but that is what enhances his impact. As soon he starts playing you are blown away by an unexpected but pleasantly beguiling voice.

At first, one might think that he is quite and tends to himself but his voice holds nothing back. It is full and has an awesome nasal roll, similar to James Blunt (the two are both from Britain) but with more uplifting lyrics.

There are few other ways to describe his voice other than cool. The force and natural roll and tumble of his voice holds and aura of youth in revolt. Intentional or not, Bugg makes a statement to be yourself no matter what that might be or what might come out when you step up and express your unhindered self.

I can just picture Bugg smiling to himself after each show, “Did I surprise you? Excellent.”

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