The Lone Bellow in the Foundation Room at the House of Blues

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Performance Description:

Date: June 14th, 2013
Location: Foundation Room at the House of Blues

The Lone Bellow performs for 92.5 the River and 30 lucky 9-2-5 Network winners.

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Danielle Frederick

Where does a band develop her sound? Highly commercialized artists tend to have a sound that is a synthetic mix of technology and suggestions from managers and producers. However, The Lone Bellow does not fall into this category.

As I mentioned in my other post, The Lone Bellow has an optimistically courageous sound and it was not developed in a sound studio with communication between glass walls and speakers, adjusting dials to make notes sound just so. Nope, The Lone Bellow’s warm sound came from a true story that happened over many years between many people very dear to the band.

According to the band’s website (, the lead singer Zach Williams wrote the lyrics. While his voice sounds beautiful and the words are captivating, their inspiration stems from a severe event. One day his wife went horseback riding and was injured to near paralysis. Unsure whether his wife would ever again move on her own, Williams had to grapple with aiding his wife and learning how to help her in any way she may need, while maintaining the personal strength to not break down with fear and utter heartache. Writing became a way to release his uncertainties. Creating art developed into a way to gain control over his and his wife’s upturned life.

Thankfully, Williams’s wife was able to recover and, as the band’s website further states, the two moved to New York where Williams’s lyrics gained footing.

Brian Elmquist worked at Dizzy’s Diner and had known Williams for years. While Williams played at the diner, Elmquist joined in, as did Kanene Pipkin. The three of them sang lyrics that came from true emotions sparked by intense, dark, real, and profound events.

Unexpectedly, Williams and his wife reached a very low point in their life. Friends such as Elmquist and Pipkin offered support and help, thus also generating an emotional connection. Still, everyone persevered by remaining positive, writing thoughts down, and setting them to melodies. As a result, genuine music was born–music with deep, complex and genuine roots. Whether performing from the speakers in a house or car or at a live event, The Lone Bellow sounds passionate, tender and upbeat no matter the venue, outwardly expressing the true authenticity of the band and its music.

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