Join the River Roadies in Cohasset for the Carry 5 Walk For Water!

It’s hard to imagine carrying every drop of water your family uses on your back. This is the reality for more than 1 billion people, mostly women and girls, who can’t go to school or work because carrying water takes all of their time.

Everybody Water, a new Boston-based cartooned-water company is on a mission to build a community of people and businesses determined to change this… and transform lives.

Join us at the Carry5 Walk Sunday, June 9th at 1pm at Cohasset High School. Experience what it is like to carry water, visit activity tents, and enjoy music with 92.5 The River.

All proceeds raised will support Water1st International, providing sustainable solutions that bring clean running water, toilets and showers into people’s homes for the first time in their lives. Everybody Water believes “it begins with everybody” and that together we can make amazing change happen.

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