New River Music From Coin and Steve Lacy and more

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Song: Brad Pitt
Artist: COIN
Album: Uncanny Valley
Release: 2022
Pop-Rock band COIN recently released their fourth album Uncanny Valley. The album, frontman Chase Lawrence was quoted saying, is a result of the pandemic, emotional burnout, and trying to understand the human experience.


Song: Bad Habit
Artist: Steve Lacy
Album: Gemini Rights
Release: 2022
Bad Habit is one of ten songs on his second full length solo studio album, Gemini Rights. Lacy was also a guitarist and vocalist in R&B band The Internet. Steve is also known for his charisma and talent for lyricism.

Song: Grace
Artist: Marcus Mumford
Album: Self-Titled
Released: 2022

Marcus Mumford has released the first official preview of his forthcoming solo album. He has assembled quite the team to help bring his new self-titled album to life, including duetting with a few of the biggest folk-adjacent singers in modern popular music like Phoebe Bridgers, Brandi Carlile, Clairo, and for this song, vocalist Danielle Ponder. Marcus Mumford’s debut solo album will arrive September 16. He’ll bring his first solo tour to the Wang Theater in the Boch Center on November 8.

Song: Yellow
Artist: Tegan and Sara
Album: Crybaby
Released: 2022

Tegan and Sara are releasing their new album, Crybaby, and are coming to Boston on October 28th.