New River Music: Andy Frasco & The U.N., Dermot Kennedy, Eddie Vedder, Olivia Vedder, and Tall Heights

Here’s the most recent music added to the River playlist:


  • Andy Frasco & The U.N. – “Dancin’ Around My Grave”: ‘Dancin’ Around My Grave’ is the latest single released by Andy Frasco & The U.N. The song dives into how Frasco would want to be celebrated after he passes.
  • Dermot Kennedy – “Better Days”: Being one of his most recent singles, ‘Better Days’ by Dermot Kennedy focuses on patience and perseverance. During the pandemic Kennedy had felt exhausted at multiple points and knew people were feeling the same. He wanted to remind people that things will get better.
  • Eddie Vedder – “Long Way”: ‘Long Way’ is the newest single from Eddie Vedder from his upcoming album, Earthling. Working with Andrew Wyatt (Grammy Award winner for Producer of the Year) for the first time, Vedder writes about star-crossed lovers.
  • Olivia Vedder – “My Father’s Daughter”:Daughter of Eddie Vedder, Olivia sings ballad “My Father’s Daughter” for the new movie Flag Day. She has two songs on this soundtrack which is her vocal debut.
  • Tall Heights – “Hear It Again”: “Hear It Again” is the newest single from Boston-based duo Tall Heights. The duo uses this single to take a break in all the chaos with their harmonies.

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