Saturday, 7pm-midnight

What was your last non-radio job?

Nurse in an Emergency Department. My talents range from giving CPR to giving “shout-outs.”

How do you spend your time outside the station?
I’m a dad to two awesome boys. I’m a husband to a lovable and wonderful wife. I’m an avid racquetball player.  I waste many countless hours at local golf courses scouring the woods for my ball.

What’s your favorite Boston band, past or present?
Past – The J. Geils Band. Present – whatever my sons are singing in the kitchen as I type this.

What was your first concert?
Jethro Tull – Worcester Centrum. It was supposed to be Pink Floyd but my mom didn’t think that was appropriate for a 9 year old. “They’ll come around again Trav” she said…I’m still bitter.

What’s the first album you ever bought?
CD – Local H – As Good As Dead (I purchased it at Lechmere)
Vinyl – No clue but I stole a bunch of my dad’s classic rock vinyl.

What are some of your favorite movies?
Back to the Future. The rest don’t compare.

What are some of your favorite TV shows, past or present?
Breaking Bad. The Simpsons seasons 1 – 8. Shrinking.

If you had a goofy DJ name what would it be?
“Hi, I’m Crozby on 92.5 The River”

What was your first car?
A 1989 Jeep Cherokee Pioneer. Sun Faded Blue. No working windshield wipers….I miss her dearly.

What’s your favorite time-wasting website?
I spiral down the Reddit rabbit hole more often than I’d like to admit.