River Listeners At Home – Drake’s Story

Drake is not your ordinary twelve-year-old.

His schedule is busier than the average person’s. He likes to fill his time with many hobbies; namely skiing, tennis, and basketball. Activities many of us can enjoy. However, Drake’s schedule isn’t only dedicated to hobbies. The young man has a humanitarian streak as well.

“I’ve always had big birthday parties with all my friends,” said the preteen, Salem, New Hampshire resident. “It was really shocking when I discovered that some people don’t celebrate birthdays at all.”

Drake has spent the past few months organizing donations and supplies for Natick, MA nonprofit Birthday Wishes. The company brings birthday parties to children in homeless shelters and transitional living facilities — but the Covid-19 outbreak has halted on-site celebrations for the foreseeable future. Despite this, Drake and the organization are working to bring these children something special, and safe.

As a Birthday Wishes volunteer, Drake puts together what the organization calls a Birthday-in-a-Box. The company distributes 200 ready-made boxes every month. Each box contains a cake pan, cake mix, frosting, plates, utensils and napkins — the basic elements of a birthday party — and costs about $20 to assemble.

Despite restrictions on some businesses, and the Caronavirus going nowhere anytime soon, Drake is still determined to raise donations on social media and make boxes for the less fortunate. A shining example of humanitarianism and kindness, Drake is setting a wonderful example we hope you’ll join us in following.

Birthday Wishes is accepting donations and other support at their website. You can read more about Drake and his team-up with the organization from The Eagle Tribune.

First and foremost, we hope you and yours are all safe and well during these trying times. We hope to look back on this as a time when humanity came together to do the right thing… by staying apart.

There is a lot going on right now, to say the least, but we’re hoping you could help us bring everyone a little closer together, virtually!

The River wants to know how you’re spending your time in isolation! Finishing projects? Playing games with family or room mates? Starting a new hobby? Raising funds or awareness for a good cause?

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